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Tony Demma


Tony was a true entrepreneur owning several companies throughout his career prior to starting in the Mobile Home industry. He built DMHS from the ground up 30+ years ago and the company continues to thrive today under the management of  Jody & Cindy.

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Jody Demma


Jody has a wealth of Sales & construction experience for over 25+ years which led him to follow in the footsteps of Tony. He's responsible for working with customers to build their dream homes and manage the day to day on-site installation construction crews. 

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Cindy Demma

Vice- President

Cindy joined the Demma Mobile Home Sales in 2014 after 25 years of medical sales experience and Member's Management Director of a prestigious Golf course, She manages the daily operations of DMHS & Jody Demma Parker Inc.

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The Boss & Decision Maker

Babe joined the Demma family in 2016 at 4 years old...we were thrilled to give her a new home as the Veteran she was living with had fallen ill and couldn't care for her any longer, She quickly became "the boss" of the family and still is to this day!


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